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<p align=justify>Api-Api Driving Centre Sdn. Bhd. also know as ADC Driving Institute is the BEST CHOICE for Student who want to take up Driving Lessons. Established on the 9th September 2008, Api-Api Driving Centre Sdn. Bhd. is licenced by the Road & Transport Department (RTD/’JPJ’) Malaysia to conduct Driver’s Education Curriculum (DEC/’KPP’) within Kota Kinabalu area. ADC Driving Institute is strategically located within Kota Kinabalu City and nearby smaller town like Inanam and Donggongon, Penampang. ADC is built on 7 acres of land.</p>

<p align=justify>ADC Driving Institute is fully equipped with the latest RTD’s driving circuit specifications and professionally built taking into account all hazzards faced by drivers while driving on the roads. With these complete concept design, ADC Driving Institute is rated as one of the best Driving Institute in Sabah, Malaysia. </p>

<p align=justify>All Courses offered are conducted in conducive environment for example, ample space driving circuit, lecture halls for mandatory lesson equipped with air-conditions, LCD projector with power point animation presentation and flat screen computers for computerize lesson on the highway codes and defensive driving test. All driving lessons, training, and testing are conducted within the ADC Driving Circuit, thus making ADC Driving Institute the ‘ONE STOP CENTER’ to get your driving licences.</p>

<p align=justify>The training courses offered are basic, intermediate and advance driving for all classes of licences. Licences for Commercial Driving Vehicles such as Goods Driver’s Licence (GDL), Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and Conductor are also available. All programs conducted by ADC Driving Institute are structured to improve driving quality and to increase driver’s skills and knowledge to ensure a safe driving and secured driving experience while driving on the roads.</p>

<p align=justify>Since ADC’s operation in February 2009, ADC Driving Institute has earned a wide reputation for trustworthy services and best training courses. Our Goals are not only to teach new drivers how to safely operates motor vehicle but also to give every students the best possible basis to become smart and skillful drivers in this highly motorized age.<p>

<p align=justify>Documents required:-

<li>A Copy of Identity Card (I/C)</li>
<li>2 pieces of driving licence colour photographs.</li>

Type of Driving Licences & age requirement:

<table width=350 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<tr><th align=left>TYPE</th><th align=left>CLASS</th>
<th align=left> AGE</th>
<tr><td>Motorcycle</td><td> B2 & B (Full)</td><td> 16 yrs</td></tr><tr><td>Motorcar</td><td> D</td><td> 17 yrs</td></tr><tr><td>Motor lorry</td><td> E</td><td> 21 yrs</td></tr><tr><td>Vocational</td><td> GDL/ PSV</td><td> 21 yrs</td></tr><tr><td>Vocational</td><td>Conductor</td><td> 18 yrs</td></tr><tr><td>Heavy Vehicle</td><td> H/ I</td><td> 21 yrs</td></tr></table></p>

<strong>Seven (7) Steps to get Your First Driving Licence</strong>

<table width=700 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
<td valign=top width=75><strong>STEP 1 </strong></td>
<td width=40>-</td>
<td> Register to attend Highway Code Theory Class Driver’s Education Curriculum (DEC/’KPP’)</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 2 </strong></td>
<td> Booked for Computer Test</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 3 </strong></td>
<td> Register to attend Pre-Driving Course ‘BENGKEL’ for ‘L’ licence</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 4 </strong></td>
<td> Practical Driving Lessons</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 5 </strong></td>
<td> Pre-Driving Test by ADC Driving Institute conducted by Qualified Tester Instructor (QTI)</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 6 </strong></td>
<td> Practical Driving Test conducted by RTD’s Tester</td>
<td valign=top><strong>STEP 7 </strong></td>
<td> Apply for ‘P’ Licence</td>



<li>Licenced by the Road & Transport Department (RTD/ ‘JPJ’) to conduct Driver’s Education Curriculum (DEC/ ‘KPP’)</li>
<li>One stop center to get your driving licence</li>
<li>The BEST & the LATEST Driving Circuit approved by RTD (’JPJ”)</li>
<li>Easy maneuvers due to the spacious driving circuit & ample directional signages</li>
<li>A team of Professional, Experienced & Dedicated Driving Instructors equipped with excellent teaching techniques</li>
<li>Provides high quality training programs for teenagers, adults and senior citizen</li>
<li>Due to the professional, experienced & quality training by the driving instructors, the percentage (%) of passing the practical test is very high</li>
<li>Provides the latest computerized facilities inside & outside the driving circuit</li>
<li>All vehicle used are New Model VIVA 850 c.c & 1,000 c.c, inspected & certified by PUSPAKOM & RTD/ ‘JPJ’ for safe driving</li>
<li>ADC driving Institute is strategically located within the Kota Kinabalu City and smaller town like Inanam and Donggongon/ Penampang</li>
<li>Provide Personal Accident Insurance coverage up to Rm30,000 for each student during practical traning</li>
<li>FREE transportation services to and from ADC’s branches.</li>

<strong>ADC’s BRANCHES:</strong>

<li>Kg. Air, Kota Kinabalu</li>
<li>Kota Kinabalu</li>
<li>Sulaman Central/Inda Permai</li>
<li>Country Height</li>
<li>Sunny Garden</li>
<li>Dah Yeh Villa, Likas</li>
<li>Taman Millenium, Penampang by pass.</li>
<li>Kepayan Commercial Centre</li>
<li>Kepayan Ridge</li>
<li>Beverly Hills</li>
<li>Penampang Baru</li>
<li>Tanjong Aru</li>
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